– Fields of Experience

Furniture Design

Jewellery Design, Wax-Modelling and 3D Prototyping, Moulding

Luxury Products Design and Industrial working processes with Wood, Stone, Glass & Bone

Luxury Leather Products Design

Sculpture (Marble, Wood, Clay & Plastic) for indoor and outdoor environments

Fashion Design

Fashion and Jewellery Displays

Crystal Glass and Glass Decorating

Promotion Products Design

– Profession

Currently works with different partners according to the project

Gülşah Soyluer Design

Gülşah Soyluer & Onur Aygenç Design Company/ Business Partner

Imbu Design Company / Solution and Business Partner

And has worked with the following companies, as an inhouse designer;

Milano&Models Furniture ; as a Furniture / Product Designer

Ardic Mücevherat Display Design (Zen Diamond, Fagold, Koçak Gold, Lizay Diamond, Jival Jewellery Company, Luxury &

Gold Brands, Arpaş Jewellry, Somtaş Jewellery); as a Display/ Product Designer

Mac&Co Group Company (Biba, Bonita); as a Fashion/Product Designer and Trend Analyst. Designed ready-to-wear

products for Biba, Bonita, etc..and managed the process of sourcing  fabric and accessories,moulding, sewing, painting,

washing, embroidery and finishing

Trexta Leather Accessories A.S / Atra Group Company (Nokia, Palm, Blackberry , Siemens, Samsung, Sanyo, Apple Tr,

Kodak); as a Leather/ Product Designer. Designed leather and plastic accessories for wireless electronic devices

Goldaş Jewellery; as a Jewellery/Product Designer

Favori Jewellery; as a Jewellery/Product Designer

Chevo Jewellery; as a Jewellery/Product Designer

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality; as a Sculptor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Eskisehir

Other clients have included:

Design Turkey

Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

Nills Mobilya

Voice Of Shade

Stella Mobilya

AFM Bag and Leather Accessories

Gala Mobilya

Ewa Mobilya

Ege Pil Dağıtım




– Education

Bilgi University., Design Culture and Management


Marmara University, Industrial Product Design, Master Programme, Masters Thesis completed


Eskisehir Anadolu University.,Faculty of Fine Arts ,Sculpture Department


Izmir Ozel Turk High School